Thursday, August 15, 2013

why you need the hailo app

I started using the hailo app a couple of months ago and absolutely love it. It is currently available for iphone and android users and would highly recommend it if you ever take a taxi in Toronto (or one of the other cities they operate in).

There are so many features to love about this app. I love that you can track the cab as it is coming to you. You know exactly how long it will be until your cab arrives. I also absolutely love that you can use your credit card, with no hassles. We've all been in a cab in Toronto where the cab driver says their machine doesn't work, and yet magically works when you insist that you don't have any cash. It can be extremely frustrating. With the hailo app, you can store multiple credit cards, so you can keep business and personal expenses separate. You also set the tip before you get out of the cab. Once you arrive at your destination, there is nothing more for you to do. You get out of the cab and they send you an email copy of the receipt. 

The only downside to the app is if you're in a busier area, it may be difficult to determine which cab is yours. They do provide you with the cab number but it can get a little confusing.

Get the app: Hailo

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