Monday, August 5, 2013

orange is the new black

So tonight, after a wonderful long weekend, I decided to check out this "orange is the new black" that people have been talking about. I had heard about it from friends, on the internet and even in a radio interview. It was made specifically for Netflix and I was skeptical but must say, it is impressive.

I settled in to bed, to watch the first episode, figured that would be enough seeing as it is almost an hour long and it was getting late. In the first scenes, I was captivated. I wasn't familiar with this actress, but from the opening scenes, she was amazing. The only actors I recognized was Jason Biggs and Laura Prepon. Both of the stars got their starts in very light comedies so it was very interesting to see them in these darker roles. In the first episode, I laughed, I cried and I really cared about what happened to the characters. I got sucked in to a second episode and my love for this show has only grown. I wish it wasn't so late or I would continue to watch this show. There is only 13 episodes, so chances are, I will finish it this week, even if that means missing out on sleep. I also need to finish it quickly because I don't want to accidentally find a spoiler online like I did with "the wire". Only being two episodes in, assuming it continues with this same level of excellence, I would say this show could easily rival an HBO show. I hope this show is successful enough to continue to another season and to have Netflix create other awesome programs. 

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