About the blog
I'm a twenty-something who loves everything about Toronto, except sometimes getting around it. This blog follows some things I've done/tried in the city, ideas on what to do as well as reviews for products I feel twenty-somethings would appreciate. Although the site may use affiliate links or sponsored posts, I promise to never recommend something I don't like. 

Every week, the blog has three regular posts.Every Friday the blog will have "what to do/see/eat/drink" in Toronto for the weekend ahead. "Thirsty Thursday" will of course be every Thursday. This will be beer, cocktails or wines that I try and I think others should try. 

Please feel free to comment, I love the conversation but any abusive or offensive comments will be deleted. 

I'm always looking for things to do/try/see/eat/drink/whatever in this great city so please let me know if you have anything you think I should be checking out. Also, please feel free to email me if you'd like like to work in partnership on a project/event you think would be relevant for twenty-somethings in Toronto.

Enjoy Toronto!

About the writer - Shanondoah Nicholson
Known as the the girl with the long/beautiful/interesting and often mispronounced name, I am passionate about the city, writing, social media and planning events. If you'd like to collaborate with me on your blog/event/product, send her an email - she's open to suggestions! You can find our more about working with me here.