Thursday, November 28, 2013

thirsty thursday: rolling rock

It is know that I am a beer lover. Tonight I am going to a kitchen party. For non-newfoundlanders or non-maritimers a kitchen party is basically any gathering of people. When maritimers get together for any type of party, it always ends up in the kitchen. Possibly because that's where the food and beer is, so why would we need to move? Well this evening I'm going to a large-scale kitchen party, the Great Big Sea concert. I've honestly lost count of the number of times I've seen them so when my friend said she had an extra ticket I said yes of course. So this evening's thirsty thursday is rolling rock. Sorry, I know it took me a while to get there but you had to understand kitchen party. 

Rolling Rock is actually an American beer. I first started drinking it when St. Louis had them in a mini-pitcher special. That was a while ago but I still drink it. It's a nice beer that isn't too strong. It also isn't too weak, it's 4.5% so I wouldn't consider it a light beer. I'd consider this beer a people-pleaser. If you're looking for a nice beer that isn't as expensive as a heineken or stella but will be easy to serve at any party. 

I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans, Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating and be safe on Black Friday. 

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