Sunday, November 3, 2013

new territory: the royal agricultural winter fair

I went on a new adventure today, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. It is definitely where the city meets the country and this city girl saw a lot of new things today.

After fighting a lot of traffic to get down there, we decided to eat first. We started at with apple dumplings, which I considered more of a baked apple but they were absolutely delicious.

delicious apple dumpling
these guys are only open for the fair, they're basically worth going for

Following our dessert, my friends decided to get lunch. There was a large selection of food. We got Pinky's Steamed Dogs, they were also really good. There was everything from pulled pork to perogies to tiny toms to well just about everything you could want. They also had some licensed areas, when you needed to sit down for a few minutes and enjoy a cold one.
food court area
Next we went to the petting zoo. They had a mix of alpacas, goats, cows and some of the funniest geese I have ever seen. They had funny feathers on top of their head - they really made me laugh.
funny feathered-dos
alpacas eating pellets
Following the petting zoo, we went to see the oversized produce. There was everything from pumpkins to apples. It was quite strange to see such unnecessarily large fruits and vegetables.
large pumpkins

cows eating their hay
We ended our day watching the 4-H club cows parade around the arena. I had to ask a lot of questions about this event. Apparently, they show the cows, and win prizes. There was over a hundred cows competing in this event. To be completely honest, it wasn't my favourite part and I'm still not sure I completely understand the concept.
4-H members before the cows

It was an interesting day at the fair. To be honest I was surprised how much I enjoyed myself. I didn't include photos of the vendors at the fair but there was a lot of them. They were selling a variety of items including food, farming equipment and household items. The ticket price at $23 originally seemed a little steep but there was a lot to do. There was even more for kids to do, particularly if they're animal  lovers. I'd recommend if you've never been to the fair, its a unique experience, especially if farming isn't normally your thing. Have fun!

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