Friday, November 22, 2013

ten things you never expected to make you happy on a friday night

As I was coming home from the film festival tonight, I saw a group of people obviously going out for a night on the town. It was a little after 11pm and I felt a little sad, because it felt just yesterday that would have been my friends and I. After I shook my head, I realized I was happy to be heading home and I felt I needed to share this with my fellow twenty-somethings who may have felt sad too.

1. Being Sober

There may have been a time where a sober Friday night meant a complete Friday-failure. Little did you know, that there is something to be said about coming home and knowing where your keys, phone, wallet and dignity is. You'll wake up tomorrow at 8am to go to yoga, or 9am to go to breakfast or 10am to do nothing, regardless, your head won't hurt.

2. Heading Home at 11pm
This used to be the time you would just be getting into a line up of people to get into a very crowded and very loud club. Luckily, coming home this early, you're like in great shape to be amused by the embarrassing people on the subway, instead of being one of them. Plus, nothing good ever happens past 2am. Fact.

3. Being Home at 11pm
Maybe you didn't even leave the house after work tonight. There is nothing to be upset about. Your wallet and liver thank you. Plus, you'll get to see the Top Ten before it's available on YouTube tomorrow.

4. Wearing Sensible Shoes
Maybe you did go out tonight, to the film festival, a play, dinner with friends or shopping but wherever you went, you did it in sensible shoes. You could not be bothered to put on 5-inch stilettos only to not feel your toes by midnight, I'm no podiatrist, but that can't be healthy.

5. No One Took Your Picture
Maybe you stayed home tonight, or maybe you had a glass of wine with a girlfriend, either way, your make-up was off and your hair was in a top bun. Not a nice top bun, a proper, I'm here to relax top bun. And that was ok because you didn't need to take 50 pictures to remember the night.

6. You Slept in Your Own Bed
Of course you're always welcome to crash at your girlfriend's place, that was never a question but there is just something wonderful about getting to your own bed and sleeping there until you're ready to get up. It's also way better than sleeping in questionable places people have been found before.

7. You Didn't Eat Anything Off A Value Menu After Midnight
That's really the only time a McChicken or a BigMac or streetmeat is after midnight. You regret in the morning and you definitely didn't need the calories but you ate it anyways. When you have a reasonable night, you don't even consider having that at any time.

8. Taking Off Your Work Clothes and Putting On Your Pajamas
It is a tremendous feeling to take off your tight pants, or tie, or pantyhose and putting on pants that are way too big for you and a cozy soft t-shirt. That is not something you can do if you're going back out at 11pm.

9. Turning Your Phone Off At 11pm
There's a great feeling of waking up in the morning and knowing that you didn't send a stupid text message, you didn't call someone you shouldn't have and you know where the phone is to put it on silent. Embrace it.

10. Shark Tank
There's a great feeling of judging other people's inventions, judging people's business decisions and wondering about what you're doing with you're life. Maybe you will start that blog, or write that movie, or pitch that crazy idea. Why not? These people are doing it. And Shark Tank provides that (or Dragon's Den if you PVRed it).

So don't feel bad that you're already asleep at the time I'm posting it, embrace it. It's maturity and happiness, at least I hope so.

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