Saturday, July 27, 2013

things toronto girls know

I'm a fan of lists - buzzfeed has it pretty nailed down, so I thought I'd share 10 things twenty-something-toronto girls know to be true.

  1. Riding the TTC in heels is truly an art. There is often delays and the subway is ridiculously busy at the strangest time, committing to wearing heels is truly something to be celebrated
  2. If you're travelling through the city during rush hour, you have to add an hour to your travel time. And since rush hour never seems to end, it is difficult to get anywhere
  3. You know living in Scarborough and dating someone in Etobicoke is basically a long-distance relationship
  4. You know how to correctly pronounce Etobicoke
  5. You've been to at least 4 weddings (probably this summer alone) where you don't know what is going on because the city is so multicultural
  6. You also know how to swear in at least 4 languages - see #4
  7. You know that having a 416-number is something to covet
  8. Streetmeat is only acceptable after 12:30am
  9. You've outgrown the entertainment district - king street is more age appropriate
  10. You know if a song comes on that says "Toronto", there will be excitement in the club

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