Thursday, December 5, 2013

thirsty thursday: canoe christmas

I want all my Thirsty Thursdays in December to be Christmas or holiday related. Today, I 'invented' a drink to meet this requirements. Necessity is the mother of invention and I present to you, the 'canoe christmas'. 

The only liquor in this comes from the beer so it is not as strong as a typical cocktail. I used the 'light' beer Cracked Canoe. It is brewed by Moosehead, their lighter beer is under 100 calories. I mixed it with President's Choice Cranberry Gingerale. I love just about everything on the PC menu that comes out at the holidays and this is no exception. I used a 16oz cup and filled it about half and half. You could adjust if you'd like. Depending on your mix, you may not taste the beer, just depends how much beer taste you'd like. 

This delicious drink is great, perfect as mentioned if you're looking for something a little lighter and would like a cocktail without the hard liquor. I'd love to hear your beer cocktail ideas! Let me know in the comments.

As we get into the holiday season, remember that there's no excuse for drinking and driving. Have a great time but make sure its a safe time, don't drink and drive. 

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