Wednesday, December 18, 2013

tafelmusik review and contest

I've been so behind on my blogging, I feel terrible but with school wrapping up, it just wasn't possible. But I'm back, looking forward to the holidays coming up and have a contest for my fabulous readers (in Toronto only though, sorry).

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend Tafelmusik. I mentioned it in a blog post about what was coming up that weekend and mentioned that I had never heard of it but people I work with were familiar with the program. So, my friend and I got dressed up and got to experience another side of Toronto I hadn't seen since going to Roy Thompson Hall in grade five, so please forgive me if my terminology is a little off. 

The show was Mozart's Piano, Kristian Bezuidenhout was the guest director and fortepiano soloist. The music was spectacular. If you closed your eyes, you could honestly mistake it for a CD, that's how crystal clear the sound was. The entire ensemble was flawless. It was hard to believe that you were watching people play these instruments. I was overwhelmed by the sheer talent of this group. They played 5 pieces and I actually recognized some of the music. They played pieces from J.C Bach, C.P.E. Bach and of course Mozart.

My friend and I were invited as part of Tafelscene, the under-35 program run by Tafelmusik, which aims to expose a new generation to this amazing and breathtaking music. If you join now until January 2nd, you have a chance to win an iPod and the complete Tafelmusik Media Collection. They offer discount tickets for people under-35 and their Saturday concerts at Trinity-St. Paul's Centre are all pay-what-you-can. Simply arrive between 6pm-7pm to purchase your tickets. During Tafelscene events, those under-35 are invited to the Tafelscene Lounge during intermission for wine and cheese. My friend and I went, met some of the musicians and got a hilarious pin. 

It was a great night and highly recommend it if you're looking for something unique to do in the city. Thanks to Tafelmusik for providing tickets for my friend and myself to check it out and thanks to them for providing two tickets for their French Baroque - January 11th show, use the rafflecopter to enter. Good luck!

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  1. Live classical music never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for doing the giveaway!