Tuesday, October 29, 2013

five must-haves in your clutch at a wedding

I went a wedding on Friday last week. There's always a lot of prep for going to a wedding, making sure you don't forget anything. So, I thought I'd share my must-haves for your night out. 

1. Gum
This one may seem obvious but gum or mints is definitely a must for your night out. It is so easy to forget. Likely you left it in your other purse. It's just so much easier if you remember to bring your own. Bonus: you help someone else out that forgot their gum, sharing is caring. 

2. Mini-Perfume
Dancing up a storm might leave you feeling a little less than fresh. Chances are you have a drawer full of mini-perfumes from gift with purchases, handouts or some where even more random (seriously, where did these all come from?). You have them now so this is the best time to use them up. Trust me, you'll thank me during the YMCA.

3. Toothpick/Floss
There will be a ton of pictures taken, some weddings even have their own hashtag (sounds ridiculous, but is actually a great idea). You don't want to be all dressed up for the wedding, with your nails done, hair done, everything did and have a huge piece of spinach in your teeth. Take the floss picks with you and your pictures will thank you later.

4. Oil-Absorbing Sheets
As mentioned, there will be a ton of pictures. Everyone will have their phones out, professional photographers will be snapping pictures and there may even be a few disposible cameras around, last thing you'd want is to have a shiny forehead (spinach would be the last thing but you already took care of that). Keeping a few of these on hand will mean you can remove the oil without ruining your make-up.

5. Pantyliners
This one may be unexpected, as these pantyliners are not for what you think they are. I put them in my shoes. It makes me last in my heels a little bit longer. I stick these in the bottom of my shoes, they help absorb sweat, stop you from slipping forward in shoes and provide a little bit of cushion. Now, of course, beware that you are putting something sticky in your shoes, so keep in mind this may not be the solution for your red soles. I use them in cheaper/older heels, and I put them in all the time, so the sticky doesn't bother me.

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