Friday, September 27, 2013

seven comedians, one week

I went to Just for Laughs for the first time this year, it's something I've always wanted to do. For $99, I got a headliner act and 4 smaller ahows, i also had the option to get credit back for each show, if i checked in - which essentially meant, I could see every smaller act of the festival. When I purchased the tickets back in July, seeing a headliner plus 4 smaller shows didn't seem like so far away, it was a bit much to take on but this was my adventure this week.

Note: I wrote each blog post following each show, they probably could have been individual blog posts, but they are not. Enjoy!

Friday, September 20th
For our headliner, we chose Sarah Silverman. She had a great opening act. He made me laugh out loud multiple times throughout his act. I really hope I can see him perform again sometime. Sarah was pretty good. She was so offensive. I've never watched her whole act before but it was offensive. She was really great though at interacting with the audience. I found her to be at her best when she seemed to be improvising.

Sunday, September 22nd
Tonight was Janeane Garofalo was tonight and she was great. Her show was very conversational and I could relate to a lot of her set.  I know it sounds a little ridiculous but a lot of what she was saying made sense, particularly on babies, she doesn't want to have then but a fat baby is going in her mouth, I get that. She is extremely well-spoken and intelligent. A long time ago, a drama teacher told me that you get cheap laughs when you using swearing and that its more authentic if you don't do it. This rule seemed great tonight. Awesome show, next stop on the just for laughs train is Tuesday with Sean Patton.

Tuesday, September 24th
So, I won't lie, I thought Sean Patton was Sean Cullen. I was incorrect. Tonight brought us to the comedy bar near Ossington and Bloor. The act was indeed Sean Patton and it has been a long time since I laughed liked that. He was the perfect amount of offensive and hilarious. His storytelling was impeccable and you had to believe him because there's no way he could make that stuff up. It was so ridiculous but also honest, it was great. I can't believe we're more than half way through the festival. The daunting 5 shows seems more manageable when its this funny.

Thursday, September 26th
Tonight was the fourth show. It was at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre at the exhibition grounds. I don't care for going to the ex grounds because it is not easy to get to and parking is expensive. This was my first time at this theatre. The theatre was a fair size, and I don't think there was a bad seat in the house. The bathrooms on the other hand could use any kind of update. But, enough about the surroundings, we were there to see some comedy. Tonight was John Mulaney, he is the genius behind the stefon character. This was the biggest venue I had been to since last Friday, so there was an opening act. You know we were surprised and excited when it was Sean Patton! Some of it was the same jokes from the other night but it was still funny. John Mulaney was really funny as well. His humour was based mostly on his childhood and it was great. I could definitely see him going on to write shows or movies and I look forward to watching it. Tomorrow is our fifth and final show, should be good.

Friday, September 27th
Well, we survived. 5 shows, 7 different comedians. Tonight was Kyle Kinane. He was quite funny, it didn't feel like I was laughing out loud, but I was definitely enjoying him. His opening act, Rob Mailloux, had me laughing out loud, maybe because I related to him far too much. He was the perfect opening act for me, Just slightly offensive not more than necessary.

At the end of the week, I'm pretty tired but I did really enjoy seeing all these up and coming comedians this week plus Sarah Silverman I think if I were to do it next year, even though the pass is cheaper,  I would probably do a pay-as-you-go for a couple of comedians I really want to see. Do you have a new comedian you're following? Let me know in the comments.

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