Friday, September 27, 2013

frankie fettuccine: my food truck pick

We've had a series of food trucks at our office today, the others were good but I think today's was my favourite. Its no secret that I'm a fan of pasta and Italian food so I was really excited when I learned this food truck was coming. 

I had the fettuccine  and it was great. It was fresh pasta and fresh sauce. There was mushrooms and pancetta in it but not to much to take away from the delicious pasta. The pasta was $10, little pricey but still so good.
fettuccine, with probably too much cheese but still so good

I also found out they had rice balls and had to try them. Cheesy, carby, deep-fried goodness covered in a delicious tomato sauce, how could you go wrong? They were 4 for $5 and I'd highly recommend them.
rice balls, this picture does not do the cheesy goodness justice

My friend also got what was ranked the number two best food truck dish in the city, the gnocchi poutine with osso bocco. I tried a few bites of it and I could see why it ranked so high. I normally don't love gnocchi because I find Its sometimes mushy. They obviously fried this some how so the gnocchi was just perfectly crispy with the beef and cheese. I thought it was great. The poutine was also $10.

I say if you see Frankie on the street, be sure to try something delicious. What's your favourite food truck in the city?  Let me know in the comments!

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